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Thanks for the kind words. I had intended to write something about The Connector, but I never did. It's an interesting story, the writing is intelligent, but I wanted to know and understand more about Cassandra and Ethan. I did feel their songs never got far beneath the surface. and since they are the two central characters, it ended up being a bit disappointing.

One problem is that, at least where I was sitting, the band often often overpowered the singing. This was particularly true in the three songs dramatizing Ethan's stories. In the first two, the lyrics go by very quickly (perhaps a bit too quickly), and that was some of the problem, but some of the problem was the volume of the band in relation to the voice. And in the last of those songs, "The Western Wall," I don't think I was able to make out a single word of the lyric, and that was not a song in which the lyrics (whatever they were) went by quickly. I just couldn't hear them. And I thought it probably was supposed to be climactic in some metaphorical way, and if so, I missed it.

I asked on Facebook if other people had the same problem or if it was just because of where I was sitting, which was the third row in the seat farthest over to house right. At least half of the people who responded said they also had trouble hearing the lyrics because the band was too loud. Perhaps if Brown hadn't conducted but had been out front listening, this would have been corrected.

I also thought the production was too busy, with the ensemble so often running around for what didn't seem to me very good reasons. Excellent cast. And I did feel the piece had many good points. Certainly, any piece in which the heroic figures are all fact-checkers to a greater or lesser degree resonates with me. :)

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