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Posted by: Chazwaza 07:17 pm EDT 04/18/24
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I'm also quite sure that lots of white men above the age of, what, 40, 50, have loved or enjoyed The Wiz very much -- in the 70s and since.

But I don't think he's wrong either, he is an erudite man of a certain age, he's not part of or steep in black culture, humor, references, life, or music... and he is a professional theater critic. He is very much not what The Wiz was made to cater to. It's not a great play, it's not even a great musical, but it is a great score living happily in a joyful, entertaining, funny, creative, relatable musical.

Sondheim, one of the most erudite musical theater people you could think of, was 44 when he saw it, and he hasn't stopped talking about how much he loved it is. Not because it's a well made play, but for the feelings and energy it manages to create and/or illicit.

But also let's keep some reality here... The Wiz's book was written by a 45 year old white man. So I don't think race or age makes one able or unable to love or get The Wiz.

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