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Howard Miller takes a look at Suffs at the Music Box Theatre:

There is a certain subgroup of musicals whose aim it is to set the record straight, or at least enlighten us on some aspect of history, even if they do occasionally stray from the actual facts in order to enhance the theatrical experience. The more successful ones, like Assassins or Hamilton, find a way to present an engaging story while offering up interesting characters and an absorbing production. Others manage some of these elements but may become mired in their own earnestness (e.g. Allegiance), or struggle with finding the right balance between substance and style (The Scottsboro Boys). Suffs, the musical opening tonight at Broadway's Music Box Theatre, trends toward that latter category, telling a significant and generally lesser known story from the annals of U.S. history but not fully able to find its footing either as a straightforward tale, a snappy satire, or captivating entertainment.
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