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Posted by: Chromolume 11:29 pm EDT 04/18/24
In reply to: re: New Lempicka ... ad - seenenuf 10:19 pm EDT 04/18/24

By your thinking, all shows should run forever so that no one loses a job.

No, I don't think that. You put those words in my mouth somehow. And lots of people eventually move on from long running shows to take on new projects - but then they make that choice to plan to leave and move to another gig. When a show closes unexpectedly, most people don't have another similar gig to go to. Be a bit more realistic indeed. And compassionate.

In any case, we're talking about a show that has hardly begun, not a long running show. The people employed by the show haven't had time yet to deal with a next move - why are you wishing that on them?

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