Pick the Tonys with Talkin' Broadway

Posted by: sergius 07:35 am EDT 04/20/24

In UNCLE VANYA, as throughout Chekhov, time has stranded everyone, rushed them into corners where love and purpose are out of reach or gone entirely. Sorrow is a unity; everyone’s alone together. This crucial affiliation is missing here. With the exception of William Jackson Harper (wholehearted throughout) and occasionally Alison Pill, the actors in this production are, variously, out of their depth, mistaken, and/or in some other play. They’re pinballing, knocking against each other trying to find walls to hold them up. In almost every way, the production is so discrepant, so haphazard, it’s confounding. What went wrong? Still, and amazingly, Chekhov’s profound, shimmering sympathy can sometimes yet be heard here, a plea beneath the rubble.

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