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What's rather wonderful to me (and a great big "if only!") was that Bette Davis and James Mason were considered to play Martha and George in the film version of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, in which case we would have had Bette Davis as Martha quoting and mimicking one of her own signature lines and having a discussion at the beginning of the movie of which of Bette's films it was from!

I'm think that at the era when Albee wrote "Virginia Woolf", late-late shows did feature a lot of old movies, though frankly, many of them featured the MGM catalogue more often rather than those of other studios, like Warner Brothers, where Davis was under contract for a significant part of her career. Martha could have seen the film on tv, or it's possible Martha remembers seeing this Bette Davis film from when it came out; alternatively, did college campuses, on which they live, used to have film societies back then that used to show old and relatively current films? I'd appreciate if anyone knows when film societies at colleges/universities for the most part began. Also, perhaps there were revival houses -- not sure when they started either -- perhaps later in the 1960s, more likely in bigger cities.

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