An Amazing Sweeney Todd
Posted by: jjhbb340 07:38 pm EDT 04/20/24

Wow-just got home from the matinee and still can not believe how astounding Sutton and Aaron were.I've been a fan of hers since Millie and his since Next To Normal,so I always knew they were wonderful actors,but they rose to a whole new level in this.I was lucky enough to see Lansbury and Cariou three times in the original,but nobody in any revival cast got as close to their genius as these did.Their A Little Priest,By The Sea....everything was magical,and just look at Sutton's face as she realizes Toby knows too much and will have to be killed-brilliant acting! Joe Locke's Toby was splendid too.So sorry it's closing in 2 weeks.Do yourself a favor and RUN to this!

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