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James Wilson takes a look at Hell's Kitchen at the Shubert Theatre:

It is very common for audiences at Broadway musicals to clap and hoot at the entrance of a star or in appreciation of impressive scenic design. In Hell's Kitchen, which concluded an Off-Broadway run at the Public in January and is now playing at the Shubert Theatre, a venerated New York City apartment building received entrance applause the night I saw the show. Manhattan Plaza, the complex that takes up a square block between Ninth and Tenth Avenues and with entrances on 43rd Street, was built in the 1970s to provide low-cost housing for people primarily (but not exclusively) in the performing arts. Hell's Kitchen is a coming-of-age story focused on singer and songwriter Alicia Keys, and Manhattan Plaza and the neighborhood in which it is located are central to the artist's musical and expressive development.
Link "HELL'S KITCHEN" Review

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