FOLLIES-- the 1972 MGM Film Version!!
Posted by: RonnieWeho 06:03 pm EDT 04/21/24

Ran across this fascinating 2013 article (with quotes of Sondheim and Prince) about the background and discussions of a proposed idea for a 1972 MGM film of FOLLIES. (It implies MGM decided against that, but maybe instead morphed the idea into THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!)

The Paris Review article also linked a YouTube video of the MGM 1974 after-party for THAT’S ENERTAINMENT! in which many of the old MGM surviving stars (used in that film’s clips) were introduced a la “Beautiful Girls.” They note that there hadn’t been a gathering like that since MGM’s twenty-fifth anniversary luncheon in 1949!

In THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT’s opening segment, Frank Sinatra declares, “You’ll never see the likes of this again.”


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