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I love most of these shows (DEH not so much).

I kinda wish the 3 guys had done "Sincerely Me" - that would have been fun. (The "casting" would have been odd, but then again, 41-year old Scarlett Strallen looked a bit out of place singing "The Light In The Piazza" even though she sounded truly wonderful. Oh, but it's a concert, who cares, lol.) But for an inspirational closer for the first half of the concert, "You Will Be Found" worked nicely. The odd thing is that DEH was the only show not to get an introduction/synopsis from Lockhart. Was the implication that everyone knew the song already?

A few numbers that would have been awesome to hear - I missed not hearing "Haled's Song About Love" from The Band's Visit. I wish that Bryce Pinkham had been able to sing "Sibella" to his now-wife Strallen (she was a replacement Sibella on Broadway; I assume that's how they met) - although they were wonderful doing "All The Wasted Time" together. I wish the 3 women had been able to have some fun with "When The Chips Are Down."

Probably the toughest sell of the evening was DeHaas singing the 2 combined songs from A Strange Loop - though he sang well, it wasn't as much of a showpiece for him as the other songs, and it may have been just too odd out of context (the audience reaction seemed tentative, comparatively, so I wonder if the number just didn't land). But I'm glad they wanted to include something from this score. Maybe "Periodically" might have been more interesting to hear?

Ultimately, I think the evening really belonged to Vicki Clark and Joshua Henry. Even though all 6 of the singers were quite good.

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