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I'm so sorry to hear that Paul Salsini, who worked 37 years at the Milwaukee Journal, has passed away. In 1994, he founded The Sondheim Review, a magazine exclusively devoted to Sondheim's works. He was so dedicated and edited it for the first decade. And I did a number of interviews for Paul, including Donna Murphy, Mako and John Barrowman, and he was always so gracious and easy to deal with. I was so happy that Paul got to publish his ''Sondheim & Me: Revealing a Musical Genius,'' which includes his insights and notes dealing with Sondheim, who would read each issue and offer his critiques (and corrections). In that same year that ''Sondheim & Me'' came out, 2022, Paul also discovered a rare recording of ''Finney's Rainbow,'' a musical that Sondheim wrote when he was 18. (See story below.) I miss Paul and The Sondheim Review. Here's to him. Who's like him? Damn few!
Link A rare recording of a musical by an 18-year-old Stephen Sondheim surfaces

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