re: P.S. Why is there an Andrews Sisters parody in 'Company'?
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I don't think that the best way to look at the song style is as if it is meant to be or reflect Kathy, April and Marta's musical tastes.

I think they do the Andrews Sisters for the same reason that Family Guy or The Simpsons has most of the characters break into full on Broadway production numbers or ballads, either with new funny/twisted lyrics that usually juxtapose the style of song or associate the song normally has, or with the original lyrics but in a mismatched new context. Because it's funny. Because it comments on it.
Not because it literally reflects the characters and their current day musical sensibilities or modes of expression.

The girls also don't know each other and have never met, and are in direct competition with each other in Bobby's life (a place this very song tells us they each want to be, but never takes advantage of them being competitive or at odds with each other, because it's an Andres Sisters number)... why would they be doing a number together, let alone one where they work as if a musical girl group (musical style aside)?

Beyond that, one could argue that this number isn't them at all, but rather Bobby's projections and assumptions and observations and fears of and about them mixed together and playing out in his head this way. This isn't one of the scenes Bobby is in, we aren't seeing him interact, we aren't seeing what could be assumed to be his memory of hangout with one of the couples or a date with one of the girlfriends... perhaps, much like Side By Side, this is not real anyway.

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