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Posted by: Chazwaza 02:45 pm EDT 06/09/24
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How would their involvement in cast, little or a lot, impact that?

But also... whoever was "involved" in casting... the show's cast, in terms of its success, is mainly 3 lead actors... played by a recent Tony winning Broadway regular, a famous TV/Film and Broadway star who is a twice Tony nominated Broadway regular with a big fan base... and a global movie star with a famously big and passionate fan base who is also a popular broadway regular with respected play and musical lead roles under his belt... and all 3 are very well suited, on paper at least, to the roles they're playing...
it's not as if they made some out of the box casting move, went against type for any of these roles, or discovered and pushed to take a chance on some magical undiscovered talent...
AI could have cast this revival and we'd have the same cast.

Taking nothing away from it or them... but...

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