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Something we can share! Hair!

Me too. The Menier production (which is, to my understanding, basically the same production and direction (and of course version of the show) as is playing now but with a different cast)... at least as seen in their filming of it... was embarrassing. How it ever went further than that I don't know. The praise heaped on Friedman for her work is probably the most confounding part. Sure, this version of Merrily (for me far inferior to the original version of the script/score) has been *tested* for *decades* in *many many* high profile and low profile productions (not to mention has 2 cast albums since the OBC version) for people to get used to, fall in love with, take on its own terms... and the cast I'm sure is fantastic and even revelatory in these roles for some people... and yes, she is the director who "directed" this version many have seen, and put this cast in it, and they're all giving performances everyone likes, and it's probably the best cast major production of the show (since the original)... her direction of the entire thing (design, staging, etc) I thought was terrible at Menier (on film), and I thought her direction of that cast was... inconsistent is the nicest thing I can say about it. Surely in the 10 years since, with a whole other production and whole other cast in between (in Boston with Eden Espinosa), she refined her direction of the actors and I'm sure some refining of the rest of the show happened too. But lord... I don't get it.

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