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literally how was I tearing it down? How was I dismissing or questioning the chemistry these 3 have on stage? My point continues to be, as it has been (especially in commenting on the producers manner in dealing with Mendez absences) with the importance of and strength of
(and the reviews and marketing based on) the 3 leads together.

My question was why NYTW deserves to be considered the originator of a production that originated in london, where it was even filmed and broadcast in cinemas, then done in Boston with a different cast entirely, and then finally at NYTW... just because the casting people or creative leadership at NYTW may or may not have had a hand in casting this cast.

My point is that every broadway production is either born out of an interested and/or already attached actor(s), or has lists made of who would be either or a combo of great for the lead and major supporting roles and/pr who would move the needle at the box office/marketing/internet fans+buzz+social media etc etc ... I can't imagine any non-profit theater or commercial producer endeavoring to find a cast for a NYC Merrily revival where these 3 weren't on the list, high up (with Groff and Radcliffe especially).

I'm guessing since we agree on this production from the film of the Menier production of it, that you think this cast specifically is entirely responsible for why this production works so magically well in NYC.
Maybe you're right. I still think these leads are incredible obvious *and* great making this production a success. Being obvious doesn't mean bad or worthless to acknowledge, but I wouldn't spend much ink celebrating that inspiration needed for it.

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