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Somehow I read it knowing you meant Jamie anyway.

yeah agreed, and not only that but I think it makes the scene into a sketch, because I don't believe Bobbie for even a moment thinks her out/proud gay friend will go for this, OR, more importantly, that Bobbie herself wants it. That is how the scene is written, that's why it's just a just-for-laughs scene, or a sketch. For a reason. For how the scene functioned in the original, and since the 90s leading very importantly into and setting up "Marry Me A Little", we need to believe in the scene and the song that Bobby/Bobbie, at this point in their journey to Being Alive, believes (or convinces herself) that this half-relationship is a realistic and desirable version of one, and what she wants. I mean of course we can see that she knows deep down it is false, but is still begging for it or crying out a "oh if only this could be, then I wouldn't have to grow or become vulnerable" etc... when I saw it in London Rosalie seemed directed to perform it like a Woody Allen monologue, all sarcasm and winking, commenting on what she's singing, "Marry me... a little?" No. This song is a half-way point to Being Alive, and if you sabotage Bobby actually telling a friend who not only is of the gender and orientation where they'd be a conceivable sexual and romantic match, but also someone Bobby probably had sex with in the past or dated (I can't remember if the original detailed that he and Amy had once dated), but also is one of the people Bobby sings about in "Someone Is Waiting" where he/she wonders if she HAD the right match and let it get away with one of his female friends (now switch to males who, as the show is written, I'd never believe this version of a female Bobbie would have desired or had second thoughts about not dating or committing to or pursuing).
The show used to be deceptive in how well thought out it was. This version undid a lot of that, almost as if the director didn't actually understand or see that stuff and how/why it worked before.

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