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Tamara was interactive theater in the 1980s. It began in Toronto in 1982 and played for five years in NYC at the Armory and nine years in LA, a friend was MD. Audience was split into groups in the beginning and each group went off with a specific actor(s) to a room or space in what was a villa. Rule was you could stay in the room but only leave when an actor left the room and you followed them. At intermission, the audience was back together and the discussion revolved around 'what did you see?' or Was she (him, her them) really with she, him, her them? Who had the ? etc. In Toronto, it was staged in a mansion. Tamara,same as the the Tamara in the recently closed musical, was invited by the poet d'Annunzio to his villa to paint his portrait. Lots of others were there and as Mrs. Primrose says in On The 20th Century, there were dirty doings going on. All of it was scripted by playwright John Krizanc and won the Dora (Toronto's Tony) award for best new play in 1982.
Oh, the young think it all began in their time.

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