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Having approval and doing the actual casting are different things. What happened and who suggested that NYTW do Merrily We Roll Along and have Maria Friedman direct? Did someone from the workshop see her production in Boston orLondon and think it would be a good idea because they were looking for a musical or specifically a Sondheim musical? Had they already been talking with Dan Radcliffe about doing something with the Workshop? Not at all unlikely but I don't know. Maybe Radcliffe was even the one who brought it to their attention. Maybe Friedman approached them. Regardless, it was put together under their auspices using some persons who had worked on previous productions and some who hadn't. But it was put together by the NYTW using their facilities their contracts ($)and other resources. Isherwood is correct but even if one wants to give the previous productions a shared credit, it doesn't negate his original point that it it was at not-for-profit theaters that developed the Tony nominated production with NYTW finally creating the one that moved to Broadway and will likely win the award.

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