Fable in Jazz
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I've had "Fable" from The Light In The Piazza going around in my head all weekend, after getting to see Vicki Clark sing it live with the Boston Pops last week. I started searching for others who have recorded the song...and I came across this very different but quite interesting take on the song by, of all people, Kelli O'Hara. I guess I'm late to the party, as this recording dates back to 2008. But it just goes to show that even Guettel in his most classical/rhapsodic mode can be jazzed up effectively. (And yes, I have all those Trotter Trio Sondheim CD's lol.) If this rendition shies away from the heartwrenching drama of the original (and one of my favorite lyric turns, the multi repeats of "and look, and look..." is gone), it still brings across the deep dark and ultimately hopeful emotions of the song, just in a very different way. I'm an instant fan.

And hey, as a pianist, my wrists don't have to ache in sympathy in this version, as compared to the original with its endless virtuoso "concerto style" triplets lol.

I'd love to hear some thoughts on this.
Link Fable (Kelli O'Hara)

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