How much steam does Chicago have?
Posted by: ablankpage 11:07 pm EDT 06/09/24

Looking at recent grosses, it seems like Chicago is really struggling. (Last week's grosses have it near the bottom of the pack during the boom of tourist season.) In the past few years it has very rarely broken $1 million and mostly hangs in the area of $500-$700k. With inflation and increased labor costs after the pandemic, plus a decent sized ensemble and orchestra to keep afloat, I can't imagine it's making very much money at this point, if it's making money at all. It would take a little over 7 1/2 years for it to beat Phantom as the longest running show, and I can't imagine it being able to hang on that long. Do you think it's on its last legs or are the Weissler's pockets deep enough to keep it going infinitely?

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