Moulin Rouge
Posted by: Shutterbug 10:46 am EDT 06/10/24

I know…I’m very late to the party on this one…like 5 years late…but I finally won the lottery and went yesterday.

I don’t know what to make of this show. Yes, it was colorful , entertaining, and a bit campy. No, I wasn’t bored. The performances ranged from serviceable to very good, and I enjoyed the choreography.

But..somehow I left feeling underwhelmed despite the show’s attempts at grandeur and excess. Usually I love the big splashy shows like Wicked, Phantom, Here Lies Love, etc.

Granted there were a bunch of absences. Courtney Reed who plays Satine was out as was Austin Durant who plays Zidler. There were a few minor characters also being covered. That may have affected the dynamics on stage, I can’t say. The Satine alternate (Hailee Kaleem Wright) had a lovely and powerful singing voice - but she lacked the stage presence and magnetism that Satine needs. Oh, how I wish I had seen Karen Olivo in this role. I bet she was fantastic. Derek Klena was very good as Christian. The Zidler understudy (Bobby Daye) was a lot of fun to watch.

Overall, Moulin Rouge is a great big splashy musical with eye-popping visuals and catchy tunes you’ll recognize from the radio - but little else. Sort of like the theatrical equivalent of cotton candy - fun, tasty - but ultimately no real substance.

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