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I loved the episode and loved Groff's character, which was sort of a take on John Barrowman's omnisexual Captain Jack Harkness from the early seasons of the WHO revival. The difference, of course, is that Gatwa's Fifthteenth Doctor actually imbued the flirty vibe with real sexual/romantic interest and I think that may be a first for the character, which is often played as almost asexual. Although the Doctor has had a range of unstated, ambiguous feelings for several other companions, including Rose Tyler, Yaz Khan, and River Song (whom the Doctor, apparently, marries at some point), this is the first time that I remember such overt chemistry and returned feelings. Had the events of this episode gone another way, you could easily see Rogue and the Doctor stealing away someplace to hook up and/or Rogue joining the show as a regular companion, the first one who'd be a romantic/sexual partner, which would give the show a whole new direction to explore. Rogue inviting the Doctor to travel the universe with HIM was a nice touch and a cool way to invert the usual formula.

I too hope that we see the return of Rogue, especially given that Millie Gibson's Ruby will, apparently, be departing after a single season.

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