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Well, I’m having an age where there was gay content on stage when I was getting into it, and in many respects, I loved a lot of gay material before I knew that I was gay. Falsettos, Angels in America, Kiss of the Spiderwan (which I didn’t love, but still) were all on Broadway when I was becoming a serious teenage theater goer.

To this day, any AIDS narrative completely destroys me, even though I really missed the AIDS epidemic - it was happening in the background of my childhood. After Dallas Buyers Club, a person in the movie theater asked me if I had lost friends in the AIDS crisis, that is how much I was weeping in the movie theater… And I had to be like, no, I was eight when all of that was happening.

Which is a long way of saying, I know what you mean. But also, in my case, there was an access to gay narratives that were very meaningful to me as I was discovering who I was.

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