re: The casting of this MERRILY.
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No that's definitely not what I did. I was talking about casting the 3 lead roles. In fact I specifically noted that the CD would have been very responsible for process of and resulting casting of the rest of the cast.

And I think it's fair to say you and I often use this board for different things. I like to talk like we are all have a conversation, which includes thinking outloud and opining, positing, considering, analyzing ... it often has no purposes specifically, nor does it need to. It's a theater chat board, none of it has any purpose and none of it means anything. It's a way to engage in a topic(s) we are knowledgable and/or passionate about with people who have knowledge and/or passion for it too. It's a place for nerds to be nerdy. I'd say if you read a post or comment from me or anyone that doesn't seem to have a come to a point you felt needed to be made, it is ok to leave it there. If not, then you are just doing what I expect you to do, which is engage in that bit of the conversation, which you're welcome to do... even if you don't have a purpose, and even if we don't agree.

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