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Posted by: Chazwaza 09:05 pm EDT 06/10/24
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You're not alone. I was very disappointed by this.

I'm feel compelled to say any time I get the chance that this show felt to me like it was directed and designed by people who had seen stills from the movie but had never watched it. It is remarkably uninventive and uncreative in the staging and design, the new song choices are often headscratchers, I felt nothing for the characters, and the cast I saw gave me no sparks in the romance (you don't need to waste any energy wishing you'd seen Olivo...). I'm very glad I didn't pay full price.
I suppose my "eyes popped" a couple of times but nowhere near as often or as wide as I'd have hoped.

This show should have been a theatrical dream, a director's gift... instead I think they gave us the most basic, literal stage version they could.

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