that Tonys has a necessary asterisk
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Any Tony wins means something, 10 does too. Even against only 3 other eligible musical productions, new or revival, as was the extremely abnormal case of this Tony Awards... but it is important to acknowledge the reality and context of Moulin's 10 Tony Awards. It can't be understated that Moulin Rouge had VERY little competition relative to normal Tonys years. It did not by any stretch deserve 10 Tony Awards (including for the non-competitive Best Actor Tony you're counting among the show's 10).

There were only THREE Best Musical nominees ... and all 3 were jukebox. And none of them won raves or were even especially good, depending on who you ask. And there were no musical revivals... no category for Best Revival, and no eligible nominees from revivals for any of the musical categories.

Consequently... only 3 musicals were ever in any of the Musical categories, whereas other years the Best Musical has been full, and then the other categories, be it writing or directing or design or acting or choreo will usually (almost always) have a few shows represented that didn't get a Best Musical slot.

Shows and people/work that wouldn't even have been nominated in a normal year got nominations. Phyllida Lloyd got a Best Director nom for Tina... please. Jagged Little Pill got a Best Scenic Design nom. Jagged Little Pill got THREE Best Featured Actress noms and two Featured Actor...

I'm sure Moulin would have gotten most of the noms they got, maybe all 3 shows would have, but maybe not (probably not), and maybe Moulin would have won many of the Tonys it won... but I am very confident they would not have won all of those 10.

Not to take anything away from the talented people who got noms or won, or the work that was done in those *3* shows... but come on. This was an extremely abnormal, compromised season. Even in the few other cases of a year with only 3 Best Musical nominees (1959, 1961, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1989) there were other musicals competing.

I mean even in 1995 when there were only 2 Best Musical nominees (Sunset Blvd and Smokey Joe's Cafe) -the only year besides 2020 when there were less than 4 since 1942- there were at least 2 revivals (Show Boat and H2$) to give the season 4 musicals to compete for the other awards.
*there was actually a 3rd revival (and therefor 5th musical) eligible, but it got zero noms (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)

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