Various Tony seasons have an asterisk
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In listing the various seasons with only 2 or 3 Best Musical nominees, you're not telling me anything I don't know. Not all Tony seasons are created equal.

Some years, you have juggernauts, like ''The Producers'' or ''Hamilton.'' Some years, the Tonys struggled to fill the 4th Best Musical slot - ''Pump Boys and Dinettes'' (1982); ''Leader of the Pack'' (1985) - with a show that's not nominated for anything else. ... Seasons worth of an asterisk: 1985, where the Tonys dropped Leading Actor AND Actress in a Musical, plus Choreography. Or 1989, where the Tonys dumped the prizes for Best Book and Score.

Timing counts. If ''Ragtime'' had opened a season earlier, it would've beat ''Fosse'' for Best Musical. Instead, it opened the following season and lost to ''The Lion King.'' ... I don't think Glenn Close's 1995 Tony win for ''Sunset Blvd.'' means less because she had only one competitor: Rebecca Luker in ''Show Boat.'' Nor do I believe Aaron Tveit's Tony win for ''Moulin Rouge!'' is less legit because he was the only nominee in his category. Actually, the Tonys ruled Chris McCarrell (''The Lightning Thief'') eligible, but the nominators snubbed him. That's not Tveit's fault, and he won fair and square.

''Moulin Rouge!,'' ''Jagged Little Pill'' and ''Tina'' didn't ask to open in a shortened, COVID-affected season with only 3 musicals. But those were the circumstances. Even without COVID, I still believe ''Moulin Rouge!'' would've swept at the Tonys and had a ''Spectacular! Spectacular!'' night.

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