Off Broadway did well overall
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In fact, Off Broadway shows won eight awards. Granted, three of these were in categories with no Broadway nominees. But there were five categories where an Off Broadway show beat a Broadway one - Musical, Book, Lyrics, Orchestrations, and Revival of a Musical. This is fairly unusual.

This year was also somewhat unusual in that four shows played Off Broadway and then transferred to Broadway within the same season. In such cases, the Drama Desk considers both productions. And these shows won a collective twelve awards (with each of the four shows winning at least one award.) Certainly, the opportunity to see the show twice in a single season may have helped sway voters; it’s hard to say. But you can definitely argue that these wins are also - in part- awarding Off Broadway productions. (And to underscore this, the Artistic Director of Playwrights Horizons was one of the two people who gave an acceptance speech for Stereophonic.)

And as small but crucial correction, the Drama Desk awards are not to the “Best” anything. That word is not part of the award. It’s to the “Outstanding” such and such. Having talked to many Drama Desk people, this is definitely a conscious choice of words.

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