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Complete information on all known upcoming releases of theatre related audio and video recordings can be found on our Upcoming Releases page. Recordings released last week and earlier can be viewed here.

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Digital Music Now Available:

This SideOn This Side of the World
(new digital album)
East West Players world premiere recording of score by Paulo K Tiról (book by Noam Shapiro). Steven-Adam Agdeppa, Zandi De Jesus, Michael C. Palma (2), Cassie Simone, Andrea Somera, Shaun Tuazon.

Books Now Available:

BallplayersBallplayers on Stage: Baseball, Melodrama, and Theatrical Celebrity in the Deadball Era
(Univ of Tennessee Press - Hardcover Book)
By Travis Stern. Explores the relationship between professional baseball and professional theater in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Examines case studies of five representative players from baseball's pre–Babe Ruth “deadball” era: Cap Anson, Mike “King” Kelly, Christy Mathewson, Ty Cobb, and Rube Waddell, with a concluding study of Babe Ruth himself. A historical study of baseball, theater, and the relationship between the two ... also shares insight into the creation of celebrity in early twentieth-century America. 248 pages.

Music to Be Released This Friday, June 14:

(Sony Masterworks Broadway - new on CD)
OBC recording of score featuring original songs by Will Butler. Will Brill, Andrew R. Butler, Juliana Canfield, Eli Gelb, Tom Pecinka, Sarah Pidgeon, and Chris Stack. Produced by Playwrights Horizons. "Seven Roads," "Bright v1," "Masquerade," "Bright (Fast)," "Drive," "Champagne," "East of Eden," "Domino," It's made of teak, "In Your Arms," "BVs," "Exorcist II," "Campfire Masquerade," "Bright (Take 22)." Digital version released 5/10/24.

Then Now NextThen, Now and Next (Original London Cast Recording)
(new digital album)
Southwark Playhouse cast recording of score by Christopher J Orton and Jon Robyns. Tori Allen-Martin (4), Justin Brett, Alice Fearn (8), Peter Hannah, Joaquin Pedro Valdes.

The WizThe Wiz
(Immersive/Interscope - new album)
2024 Broadway revival cast recording of score by Charlie Smalls (and others). Cast includes Nichelle Lewis, Wayne Brady, Deborah Cox, Melody A. Betts, Kyle Ramar Freeman, Phillip Johnson Richardson, and Avery Wilson. "Overture/Soon as I Get Home (Preprise)," "The Feeling We Once Had," "The Tornado," "He's the Wizard," "Soon as I Get Home," "You Can't Win," "Slide Some Oil to Me," "Mean Ole Lion," "Ease on Down the Road," "Be a Lion," "Meet the Wizard," "What Would I Do If I Could Feel," "We're Gonna Make It," "Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News," "Wonder, Wonder Why," "Everybody Rejoice/Brand New Day," "Y'All Got It," "Ease on Down the Road (Reprise)," "Believe in Yourself," "Home."

Newly Listed Items:

September 3:

TarotThe Hirschfeld Broadway Tarot: Deck and Guidebook
(RP Studio - card deck)
From spiritual practitioner, tarot card reader, and former Broadway publicist Emily McGill. Deluxe, one-of-a kind deck that "casts" Broadway icons in traditional tarot roles, complete with the art of Al Hirschfeld. 78 cards (3 X 5 inches), guidebook (4 3/4 X 6 inches, 120 pages), inner card box, and magnetic closure keepsake outer box. Fully illustrated guidebook which includes images of each card, alongside card descriptions and suggested interpretations, as well as sample card spreads to guide your practice. Official Al Hirschfeld art and foundation support.

Other News:

Release date changed to June 18:

(Sony Masterworks Broadway - new digital album)
OBC recording of score by Matt Gould and Carson Kreitzer. Eden Espinosa, George Abud, Amber Iman, Natalie Joy Johnson, Zoe Glick, Nathaniel Stampley, and Beth Leavel. Released 5/29/24. CD to be released 7/5/24.

Release date of June 21 added:

The Connector
(Concord Theatricals - new album)
World premiere Off-Broadway cast recording of score by Jason Robert Brown (book by Jonathan Marc Sherman). Scott Bakula, Max Crumm, Hannah Cruz, Ashley Pérez Flanagan, Danielle Lee Greaves, Mylinda Hull, Daniel Jenkins, Jessica Molaskey, Fergie Philippe, Eliseo Román, Ben Levi Ross, Ann Sanders, and Michael Winther. Spring 2024 release expected. Recorded week of 2/14/24 at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music. Produced by Jeffrey Lesser and Brown, who also serves as arranger, orchestrator, and pianist. Tom Murray is the music director and Kristy Norter is the music coordinator. The band includes Brown, Jamie Eblen, Hidayat Honari, Adam Kaufman, Randy Landau, and Todd Reynolds.

Release date of July 26 added:

(Yellow Sound Label - new album)
Playwrights Horizons cast recording of score by Anna K. Jacobs and Michael R. Jackson. Courtney Bassett, Phoenix Best, Will Connolly, Jason Gotay, Jenna Rose Husli, Jared Loftin, Alyse Alan Louise, Steven Pasquale, Lexi Rhoades, Wren Rivera, Helen J Shen.

Compiled by Talkin' Broadway Staff.

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