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It's also about class. I can be content to have a simple home life with someone else in the working class. Or I can hope to marry above my station, or even dream of marrying into royalty. But no matter what, in the meanwhile, I have to live my life as big as I can before I can't anymore. (Because, look at all these fools here, above my station, with their petty complaints, unable to just celebrate what passes by.) Oh, and yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll have to settle down and marry within my class. But I have time to enjoy myself first. As everyone should, shouldn't they?

It's also the antithesis of "Liaisons" in a way. Petra doesn't much care how she celebrates life as long as she does. She has no real illusions about what life has in store for her. She just wants to "get up, get out, and live it." Madame Armfeldt celebrated with plenty of men in her day - but always "a man of means...a man of fame," for she was the ultimate "material girl." Life your worth - get all you can from that Prince, because what the hell do you gain from being with a lawyer? (And then, there's the pivotal wooden ring monologue, where she admits that she might have made the wrong choice after all. Maybe it was actually the third smile of the summer night - the one for the old who know too much - that was actually the broadest tonight.)

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