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I suspect they meant the same *production* getting a pro-shot more than once. While this is a Broadway remounting 10 years after London, and with a fully new cast, it is the same basic production that was shot and broadcast.
I think a similar example would be if Mendes' Cabaret had gotten a Broadway pro-shot... though that production changed more between London and Broadway than Friedman's Merrily seems to have. And Cabaret had the same Emcee, but otherwise new cast, and several changes (including the addition of Rob Marshall as Choreographer and Co-Director) -- while Merrily is the same show and production but with an entirely new cast and 10 years (and a full other mounting in Boston by Friedman of this production) in between.

A better comparison would be if the National's Oklahoma had been pro-shot from Broadway, despite having a London pro-shot (and with a bigger star in it - Hugh Jackman vs Patrick Wilson, so cast-wise it's the reverse of the Merrily, having had no big star in London but 2 big stars in NYC).

FWIW, I wouldn't count pro-shots of productions not in English in the list of pro-shots a show has that English speaking audiences would consider. Even with subtitles. But also those productions of Follies are not very good. And the 1985 concert sadly was never released as a pro-shot, only used for footage within the documentary. So the National Theater Live film of their London revival is the only proper pro-shot of Follies worth anything. (Honestly had those productions from Spain and France been good I might feel differently, but if that's the production you're gonna see AND it's all subtitles, I would never recommend someone watch it as their main experience with the show)
And Stop the World with Sammy is a fairly different show than Newley's original isn't it? (Besides Sammy's being a revival 12 years later, not the same production) For the filmed version it was even retitled "Sammy Stops the World" (which may have just been for sales and marketing, on Broadway that revival had the original title).

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