re: ILLINOISE…gay-centric?
Posted by: lordofspeech 08:39 pm EDT 06/12/24
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Thank you all so much. I went last night and was very moved. I do think that one might say that the most central of the few plots focusses on a gay guy with a crush on a not-so-gay guy. So knowing that kind of unrequited gay storyline connected to me.
I don't think it's a show for young people because it is a bit avant-garde in that the narratives are not so defined as they are in modern culture's tv-world.
Strangely enough, the friend I brought with me to see it is a former professional dancer and made light of the dance esthetic, which I found entrancing.
You just can't please all of the people all of the time.....
but, seriously, thank you. (and my teen-friends changed their schedule anyway so couldn't come.)

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