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Posted by: wizrdofoz27 10:53 pm EDT 06/12/24
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I saw it tonight from two terrific side orchestra TDF seats. I saw the original years ago and it was a treat to hear a score I’ve listened to so much throughout the years performed by such a cast and orchestra.

As a story, “Titanic” sort of stays in one place: you know what’s going to happen, and the rest is just like watching a train crash in slow motion, or, well…

Some of the direction was strange (it’s an odd reference point but the ensemble members literalizing Barrett’s Song were a distraction straight out of Spielberg’s “Somethin’ Comin”) I remember feeling like the edges of classism were sharper in the original. Maybe that came from the multilevel set design. it any case, it lent an extra punch to Andrews lyric that “first class and third and second will mean nothing” that was missing here. Here those differences felt slighter somehow or just for comic relief.

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