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I was so glad to have seen the original. I saw the tour, and it attempted to keep the same basic staging ideas, but without any levels - so things happened in different areas of the stage instead of the levels. It looked very confusing, and I would wonder what someone who had no idea what the original looked like would have thought was going on at some points. They did, at least have the tilting deck, so Act II being on a tilt and especially the sinking played similarly to Broadway. Without the smokeroom and the level above for "Mr. Andrews' Vision," Andrews was among the passengers instead of below them, and it actually worked quite well. (Though the contents of the smokeroom crashing into him - and at the end, the grand piano coming toward him - was missed.)

I'm seeing the show on Friday. I'll just be excited to hear the score in all its glory, and with this cast. Especially because I was originally under the impression that this would be the smaller-scale "chamber version" of the show. I'm sure glad it's not.

As for the plot - I actually admire the way that Act I plays its own reality - that is, no one knows the shop is going to sink yet. Tunick starts giving us little hints (the tension of the muted brass in "No Moon," etc), and of course we know what Ismay's constantly pushing the ship faster will lead to - but even though the joke of the show always was "we already know the ending," I think it does a great job in gradually getting us there. It isn't the story itself, it's how it's told.

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