LIZA: A Truly Terrific Absolutely True Story
Posted by: Showtunegal 07:32 am EDT 06/13/24

I saw the premiere of this doc at the TriBeCa Film Festival yesterday, and it's playing twice more this week. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and it features a lot of footage of her European tour in the 70s that Jack Haley Jr took (or commissioned) that I loved seeing--I loved watching Liza in her prime. In addition, there's a lot of Kay Thompson at the beginning and I was glad to see "real life" footage of Ms. Thompson, whom I only know from Eloise and Funny Face. In general, the movie focuses on Liza's relationship with the people that mentored her and helped invent her--Thompson, Fred Ebb, Halston, and Fosse, and on how she carved out her own star after the death of her mother. At the screening, there was applause for a lot of the talking heads, including Chita Rivera, Lorna Luft, Ben Vereen, John Kander, and Joel Grey (who was at the screening), but I thought the narration that really stood out came from Michael Feinstein, who with his knowledge of Hollywood history and her life sort of gives everything context and a timeline, and Mia Farrow, who has known her since they were both 15.

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