Best Musical with no best score and no best book. Not best musical with Tonys for Book and Score
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We all saw that Suffs got Best Book, Best Score but not Best Musical
This has happened before but with A MAJOR DIFFERENCE. The winning show was ineligible in both or one of the book, score categories.
On The Twentieth Century won best book and best score. The best musical was Ain't Misbehavin' with a preexisting score and only an implicit book as it was a revue.

Ragtime won best book and score. The score for The Lion King was ineligible.

The Drowsy Chaperone won best book, best score. The Best Musical was Jersey Boys a jukebox musical and the voters rated Drowsy's book as better than Jersey's book.

In another way, Raisin won Best Musical and Best Actress. Best score went to the new songs for Gigi. Clearly voters did not like the show itself or its book enough. Best book went to the new book for the Hal Prince Candide. That show was ineligible for best musical. So voters picked Raisin although they rated another show's book higher and another show's score higher.

The difference in the current case of The Outsiders and Suffs may be this. The Outsiders won best director. Collectively the voters may have been saying that the director had made the Outsider more than the sum of its parts and saying that this was not the case with Suffs.

OR TO BE MATHEMATICAL. This could be a case in which Arrow's Law applied. Simply put, Arrow's Law proves that ranked choices (which the Tonys use) in a multi-dimensional space can result in irrational results. Simple case voter prefer A>B>C but also C>A. If this were arithmetic it would be 5>4>3>5.

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