The Sondheim auction so far
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I'm watching the Sondheim auction online. As comedywest said, you have to be very fast to bid. Mostly furniture so far. Everything is going for more than one would think, except for very large furniture (which makes sense considering a lot of bidders probably live in apartments). The one bargain was a "tete a tete," which is two chairs with a linking bench, which barely went over the low estimate and was sold for $750. Everything's gone for at least $600, and mostly around $1500-$2500. The largest amount so far is for a group of 4 "S" themed desk articles (stuff in the shape of the letter "S"), with an estimate of $200-$300, which went for $7500.

There's also a buyer's premium of 28% + 8.875% sales tax + 3.5% credit card fee, which is a 40% markup, so a $700 bid is really a $1000 bid.

The milking stools in horrible condition estimated at $150 went for $1800...

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