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I don't think this has really been discussed yet. What did we think about the idea of including snippets of the plays along with introducing the nominees - at least to start with?

Part of me thinks, well, it was a small step in the right direction, though really the snippets were just that - they were way too short and really had to depend on one "brilliant zinger" of a line delivery - which they didn't all have. For some of them I found myself thinking, "that's it???" And in all cases I felt it just wasn't enough. But I think it was, as I said, a small positive step.

But then, most of the musical excerpts, longer as they are, don't get to really show the actual experience of the show onstage either, opting for a bunch of unrelated moments and flashy bits of visuals, not always adding up to a comprehensive whole. And even in some cases, like for Tommy, when they concentrated on a whole number, I still had no idea what I was really watching. Yes, it's the big hit song, but was it the best choice visually?

I really wish we could go back to the idea of showing a comprehensive (and comprehensible) scene/song from a musical, and a real scene from a play. (Or something like what Merrily did, introducing "Old Friends" by using the ensemble transition. Or Tommy using "See Me Feel Me" to introduce "Pinball Wizard.") Then you'd get a sense of what's really going on in the show, instead of bits that don't always add up.

But, I digress. What did people feel about the idea of the Oscar-like play snippets, at least as long as they lasted on the broadcast?

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