Best Play and Best Musical Awards
Posted by: dlittle 12:43 pm EDT 06/18/24

What if we added a best production Tony award that could go to the best production of the season. It could go to any genre or type of show. This would potentially assuage the “Contact is not a musical” folks. We could then get rid of the best musical award. Writing awards would go to the best playwright, the best book writer, and the best song/lyric writer(s). The best production award would actually go to the entire production team from WHATEVER type of production was deemed to be best. I always feel bad when best play goes to an entire group of people and not primarily to the playwright who WROTE THE PLAY! Musical theatre writers win their own awards for the contributions they make to their piece. Speaking of which…It also seems weird when a musical wins for best book and score, but not best musical. It leaves me wondering what that award is actually celebrating. A best production award would fix this, and allow something like Illinoise a better chance at winning a top honor when it’s not really going to be nominated for best book or best score.

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