The Outsiders...and other artistic properties that triumph in adaptation
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Something I was pondering this morning is how a work like The Outsiders was such a big deal, loved, praised, and made an impact in its original novel, film, and now Broadway musical. It's like in each era it continutes to resonate. Which is a testament to both Hinton's foundation and the inspiration and high quality of the adaptations.

Although they are nothing alike, I was thinking about ABBA in this light. How they and their songs were international best selling superstars in their original era, then had a spectacular renaissance in the 90's, then captured with world's attention again in Mamma Mia!, and now they have this crazy Voyage hologram concert experience.

We have seen plenty of iconic movies absolutely bomb on Broadway, and many Broadway shows made into terrible movies. And one could say the same about novels and plays turned into Broadway musicals. Obviously Broadway musicals don't get made into novels. :-)

I was trying to think of other examples of properties that were very successful in all incarnations. Kiss of the Spiderwoman? Will be interesting to see if the film of the musical is as regarded as the book, original film, and stage musical.

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