re: The Sondheim auction so far
Posted by: Donald418 06:05 pm EDT 06/18/24
In reply to: The Sondheim auction so far - mikem 11:12 am EDT 06/18/24

Good heavens -- it's like a feeding frenzy. Almost everything is selling for 10x the original estimates. Even random items like a collection of "Peanuts" books by Charles Schulz went for $2000. There was nothing special about the books -- they weren't even signed by Schulz or Sondheim (which I admit would make them special). They're just a set of a dozen books in fair/good condition that Sondheim MIGHT have read or MIGHT have touched. 2000 bucks. Wow. (And yes, I'm cranky because at these prices, I was totally priced out of today's auction.)

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