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Ann, you're right that it's probably a bit distracting for the rest of the audience to see people in T-shirts snacking on pretzels out of snack bags. I hadn't thought about this before, but that may have been part of the reason why I was chosen to sit at the table: I was wearing a very dark blue sweatshirt and dark pants, so I probably blended in well.

A funny story: at the stage door, two different audience members recognized me from sitting at the table. I joked, "Please, no autographs!" But I guess by being in the middle of the action like that, other audience members will notice you.

Wayman, I also sat on stage for Spring Awakening. I think it was the first time I ever did that; it became more of a thing a few years later, although it was dying down a bit even before COVID. I was fortunate enough to sit downstage at the second seat closest to the lip of the stage, which was right next to Jonathan Groff, who was at the first seat. I still remember that, even though the show had been running quite a while by this time, he was really listening to the scenes where he was sitting on the side, even chuckling a bit at times. I'm not sure how much of the chuckling was genuine as opposed to being a supportive leader of the company, but it was clear that he felt it was important to be present during the whole performance, not just when the spotlight was on him. I imagine he's kept that attitude, and he must be a great co-worker and leader of the company.

A funny story about sitting on stage for Spring Awakening: I saw the show three times in New York, so I knew it really well, and then I saw it on tour in the theater where I saw so many shows growing up. I sat on stage next to one of the cast seats (which seemed to be rotating with different cast members), and in this theater from the stage seats, you could really see backstage and up at the lights way up top, and everything. I was fascinated by this view of this theater that I knew so well, and I had already seen the show so many times, so I spent some time during the first act looking up at the ceiling and watching the band and watching the crew backstage. At intermission, a person who I assume was one of the stage managers came up to me and very politely and nicely said that my turning my head all over the place was really distracting to the cast member sitting next to me, and if I could please STOP DOING THAT, that would be great. I was mortified and didn't move my head at all during the second act. At the end of the show, the stage manager came up to me and smiled and said that my help was really appreciated, which was very kind of her. I was kind of clueless at that time, and now I'm more aware of that kind of thing.

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