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Well no wonder.

Listen, I know they don't have to offer any tickets in lotto or rush or for an affordable price...

But almost every show does... and I'll go full hyperbole and say, that is criminal. FOUR tickets? You poll the people entering the lotto every day (myself included) and I'm sure not one of them would be under the impression that have only 4 tickets.

If they only have 4, they may as well not even charge for them! Hamilton had like, what, *46* seats every day that were $10. According to google anyway. Most shows do at least 10-22.

Other shows have rush seats AND standing room. And some of them have both a Digital Rush and/or Digital Lotto AND an in-person box-office rush.

I don't think it's because the producers are invested in the idea that they'll never sell any of those seats for more than $30-45. There's are reasons for accessibility and affordable tickets to passionate audiences willing to try every day, or get to the theater early, etc.

And it's especially remarkable given what Sonia said in her Tony speech about ticket prices. Ha.

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