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Posted by: Chazwaza 10:38 am EDT 06/20/24
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Don't conflate what I'm clearly responding to with what you're presenting. I'm not talking about waiting weeks before it closes. I tried many many many many times over its run.

I'm not sure what your idea of "reasonably priced" is, maybe that's where we differ. Or perhaps I, speaking for my own personal experience, was not able to be in town for the days there were "reasonably priced" tickets on sale. I guess they only people who deserved "reasonable priced tickets" live in NYC full time.

But also, to act like what's happening with their ticket prices this week isn't insane is insane.

But again I'm not responding to that, I'm responding to the reveal that the digital lotto, the ONE way they've offer *THE ENTIRE RUN* to get tickets than are cheap, had 4 tickets each day to give. It's like a joke they played on the entire theater community.

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