re: Beautifully produced Follies at Carnegie Hall!
Posted by: Likeitlots 12:10 am EDT 06/21/24
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Could not agree less. Sloppy orchestra with sluggish tempi, uneven performances with Holiday’s particularly off. Sang it fantastically (if you ignore the riffs and grunts) but acting? She was angry not amused. Worse still was Broadway Baby. But Lewis, Leavel, Daniels, Baldwin and Ebersole delivered along with the Kimberly akimbo kids. Santino Fontana stuck standing still (though sounding great) on Buddy’s Blues. And the who’s that woman original choreography thrilled. Given that Chapin and Peters were uniquely qualified to provide “I was there” stories, they were scant. And despite a huge cast, we got no cut songs or London additions. Oh and MANY lyric flubs. Not the place for that. Sloppy.

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