re: Beautifully produced Follies at Carnegie Hall!
Posted by: mlop 12:12 am EDT 06/21/24
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Oh what a night it was glorious. I know so many of the peformers and smartly Ted Chapin and Kurt Peterson announced who was singing. All showstopping numbers. The audience roared and applauded like crazy. The performers were having a great time and for many they have never stepped stage on Carnegie Hall. I saw the orginal, then the revival by Roundabout, the Encore version, and of course the latest with Bernadette. There was another version in London that I saw too. I couldn't get a ticket to the version at Lincoln Center as it was sold completely out and that was before internet etc. We waited hours on a line to buy a ticket in person, but I did get to see the dress rehearsal, invited by Barbara Cook, it was about 25 people in a room behind the stage and they were recording this and we were not allowed to applaud as they wanted to record a clean ending to the songs. Between "Into The Woods", "Merrily We Roll Along" and this "Follies" Sondheim is in his glory.

Bravo to all involved

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