re: Beautifully produced Follies at Carnegie Hall!
Posted by: mllemulan 12:19 am EDT 06/21/24
In reply to: Beautifully produced Follies at Carnegie Hall! - Billhaven 11:44 pm EDT 06/20/24

I completely agree with your assessment. For me, this was an incredibly special night that allowed me to focus on a mere 5 of the umpteen elements that make Follies a masterpiece. The song craft, the characters, the orchestrations, the multitude of ways to tell a story, the unbelievable variety. And the performances! When you have so many elements brought together in such a short time, there is inherent "sloppiness" at times - but the fun is all being in it together; after all, didn't it give us Beth Leavel's even-more-eviscerating Could I Leave You? Watching so many wonderful performers taking in the moment of being on this this show, particularly Kurt Petersen with John McMartin's cane, was heartbreakingly moving. I already had future nostalgia for tonight as the Overture began to play. So grateful to everyone who made this possible.

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