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Posted by: NewtonUK 09:21 am EDT 06/21/24
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I agree. I'm frequently a naysayer on this site - and I must say the naysayers below in the thread make me sad. The orchestra sloppy? Actually no. At least not what I heard in the First Tier. Some mic balance problems, Yes. 1 dress rehearsal, huge sound show. Cut some slack. Tempi slow? Except for 'I'm Still here' - it was slow - but that suited Ms Holliday to a 't' - I felt many tempi were rushed.

And this was concert of the music from FOLLIES, not a production. And they didn't print wh owas singing what because they wanted those thing to be (very pleasant) surprises, so that you didn't sit there and pre--judge every performance before it happened.

I found only one number that didn't work - and its the failure proof number - Broadway Baby. Adrian Lenox, a great performer, just isn't the right person for this job. Like Ethel Shutta, you have to have a lot of mileage on you to sing this song. She was youthful and clarion clear. The number fell a bit flat.

Other than that - a great night!

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