What would the performers who dropped out have performed?
Posted by: mikem 11:16 am EDT 06/21/24
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Some announced cast members dropped out, and I tried to piece together what they would have performed based on a comparison of the before-and-after cast lists. I'm guessing that

-Jacob Keith Watson would have performed "Beautiful Girls" (sung in the concert by Christian Mark Gibbs)

-Erika Henningsen would have been either Margie or Sally in "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues"

-Norbert Leo Butz would have performed "Don't Look at Me" rather than Marc Kudisch (I think Butz is more of a Buddy than a Ben, though)

-Donna Murphy would have performed "Could I Leave You?" rather than Beth Leavel (Murphy is fantastic with this song, but she prominently did it already at Sondheim's 80th as well as in the Encores! Follies, so it was nice to see Leavel's version)

-Rachel Bay Jones would have performed "Losing My Mind" rather than Kate Baldwin (of all these substitutions, this is the one I really wish I could have seen. Baldwin did a great job, but Jones's voice is very different from other Sallys I've seen, and I am intrigued what her take on the song would have been)

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