re: FOLLIES IN CONCERT at Carnegie Hall
Posted by: Chazwaza 05:13 pm EDT 06/21/24
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Thank you for this report! I so deeply wish I could have been there. I especially wish I could have seen Kurt Peterson do Live, Laugh, Love and talking about the original show and cast.

(I do just want to say, in my opinion, the tongue twisting lyrics of Lucy & Jessie have always been meaningful, they weren't newly made meaningful, that is their point. I'm sure some performers could deliver it with no mind to the meaning in any of them, but that does not tend to be the M.O or result of the performers cast in this role or electing to sing it out of context either. I've also never really found it hard to understand, if anything it feels like this song was written to make things clearer than other songs. However, Billings is a talented pro and I had no doubt she'd do a fantastic job with this number.)

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